recoating metal roof for rain collection system

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I have reviewed posts in regard to recoating existing metal roof. I have aquired a cabin that has a 20 year old roof. It is my understanding that it was manufactured by ACS Pacific and was a 26 ga PBR panel. It had a rustic red funish that has worn off and needs to be recoated. It appears to be some type of galvanizing or Galvalum underneath and there is no apparent corrosion. A good portion of the roof is used for rain collection for domestic water. No water aviable from wells or city at this location. The previous owner drank the water and it did not kill him. However, I am inquiring if you have heard of any coating that have the least amount of contaminates. I am not looking for any warranty. You would think that with all this GREEN rage that their would be more coatings avaiable. I heard that there is some water based acrylics that come close. My second option would be to use a Kynar air dry and utilize rain water for bathing,washing only. I would appreciate your guys input if there are any new developmens. Thanks Phil
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Generally the greater concern would be with chemicals that are used to treat the metal prior to painting rather than risk from the coating itself. You would want to look for a paint that had inorganic pigments so that you would not have any metal-based pigments I believe.
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