Need walking access to Platform needing to be built on metal roof

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I must replace my asphalt roofing and I would like to ask two questions, please. One, In speaking with another homeowner, she said that she installed a foam board between her deck and the metal roofing and this cut her energy bills considerable. I have cathedral ceilings, and nowhere to place any insulation. Can you suggest the best item to use for energy conservation btween the deck and metal roofing (would it be foam board)? I have wet, cold winters with moisture and winds blowing off of a lake and very humid, hot summers with southern exposure in the evening. My second question is the following. I really do not have enough land access for heat/air units. Currently, one of my units is not a split unit, but an "all-in-one" unit, located on top of the second story of my home (only one side has a second story). There is a valley next to where the second story starts, and I would like to build a platform to house two seperate outdoor air conditioning split units. There is just enough room, and a little bit left over, to go around the units. (air units are getting larger and heavier as the government pushes for more efficiency so I want to 'spread out' the weight load of the platform as much as possible). a) Do I take off the old shingles, have the platform built and attatched, and then have the metal roofing put on? I am thinking it would require much more cutting and that increases the difficulty of establishing a secure watertight seal. (I would probably get standing seam. I prefer the look of the shingle style metal roofs, but suspect they would be an additional $100 per square - have not located any yet locally to know for sure) and b) I would need to be able to place something over a portion of the metal roof for the repairmen to walk on. They would place their ladder right near the corner of this valley, but there would be a section of roofing that they would have to walk on in order to reach the platform. So, I need something to grip their shoes so that it would be safe and not slippery, and also would not dent in the metal (but safety being the most important as they walk up and down this section). I am hoping you can advise me on this unusual situation. Thank you very much, Lynn
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Hmmm, Could anyone direct me to a particular manufacture who could help with this question? Since I have not yet decided on which metal roof, I am flexible on the manufacturer. Of course, I do want a thicker guage and quality paint. (Not sure if the coolroof type of paint is helpful or harmful for my situation as I use more heat than cool air.) Thank you very much! Lynn
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
My suggestion is to choose a metal roofing product and then work with the manufacturer of that product to tackle this roof access question.
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