Re-usable roofs on Sips for Temporary buildings

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Can your recommend a cost effective system that meets the follow usage needs. I need to find a temporary roofing system to be used with a 3/12 pitch SIPs system. The roof has to be able to be disassembled and reassembled at another site without damage to the fit or finish. So, SIP panels with the metal roofing system attached would be moved. The question is what fastening system needs to be used to overlap and interlock sections so they can be reused without damage? And as a follow up does the same answer work for either vertical or horizontal application of the metal roofing?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Jim, I have had this question posed to me before. Unfortunately, what you're asking for is virtually impossible to do, particularly when you consider the need for underlayment between the SIP and the metal. I suspect that, if you find a roofing product you like and contact the manufacturer, they will work with you to try to engineer a solution. It will be tough though. Some of the aggregate-coated products which mount on battens and do not have full side interlocks might work for this application. These are typically in shake and tile profiles. Another option I can envision would be to use a standing seam panel and have a panel with two female locks (rather than one male and one female) as a "joiner" panel between the SIPs. Good luck.
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