phil brennaman
I have been working on my house insulating it, and sealing my ducts out of the furnace/AC. I wrapped all of the accesible ductwork with a product called Reflectix. It is like an aluminum bubble wrap. They show that it could be used as a radiant barrier in the attic. You staple it to the underside of the rafter, with a 2" gap at the top, and it say's it will reduce surface temperatures of up to 30 deg. I do not know how much it would reduce the temp. in the attic, but every little bit helps. Does this stuff work? Will the amount of humidity we have here in the midwest have any effect? More less, will it save me money on my heating and cooling bills? It will take about $500 to do my attic, will it pay for itself? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Phil
phil brennaman
As a follow up to my original post, I see that there is also an aluminum product that you lay on top of your existing insulation. Does this have the same effect? Or which is the best method to use? Thanks again, Phil
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This question must be taboo. I have asked this on three different forums, and never had a reply.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Sorry. Just been very busy lately. Radiant barriers do work though I think some of the claims they make are a little outrageous. Payback is slower in northerh climates like Ohio. Let's say you cut your summer a/c costs by 15%. That is probably a realistic expectation. On the basis of that you should be able to figure your payback time. However, I would challenge you with this as well: regardless of actual payback time, anything we can do to cut our energy use may be wise.
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