margaret sampson
When installing new osb around chimney what is the process you should go through? You install flashing after osb and before metal roof?? Is there someplace I can find pics and instructions. The metal is classic rib. Out chimney is brick around the chimney flue pipe, it is very sound no cracks. Does the osb run close to the chimney as possible? Thanks Margaret
Guest User
The OSB will go against the brick. Your ribbed panel will go next to the brick. A flashing will have to be made that goes over the panel and turns up the brick and under the counterflashing if your fireplace has one. If not, then a reglet will need to be cut into the brick and a counterflashing installed that goes over your roof flashing. The only place a flashing goes under the metal is at the top side of the fireplace, unless you have a cricket to turn the water around the fireplace.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Wade. This is great. Also, Margaret, there should be underlayment between the OSB and the metal roof.
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