Pete Olesen
I am a DIY'er looking at which underlayment to use on a single story ranch. I am installing the Kasselwood product. My roof is 3/12. I have been doing research on various underlayments (Sharkskin, Interwrap UDL 30/50, and Grace's ultra product). Based on the marketing materials, these seem to be significantly better than standard roofing felt. I am doing a full tear off and want to do it for long term. If I have to pay a bit more now, I don't care. As part of this project, I am putting on solar panels. I am looking for a long term solution (50 years, I hope) In the past, I have had some ice damming on the North side. I am insulating and adding a ridge vent/soffit vents as well, hoping to mitigate some of this. I have read where some people use the ice/dam stick down membranes over the entire roof. This seems a bit like overkill, but wanted to get an expert's opinion on this. Can you recommend a good ridge vent system for Kasselwood? Thank very much.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Airvent's Filtervent aluminum product could work well. As for underlayments, the synthetics like Sharkskin are great. You could use a self-adhering underlayment over the eaves and up the valleys as extra safeguard. I would not use it on the entire roof.
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