Understanding Roofing Estimates

jeremy hambly
Roofs? Whats that?
any tips for understanding roofing estimates? I just mean tips and tricks to knowing what the heck your looking at?
james b
Ill see if I can find any articles since I am a newbie too.
Guest User
The more detail that is written into an estimate, the better you can compare. I can write you an estimate that says: remove shingle roof and install new underlayment with a 26 gauge colored U-panel for X dollars. That's not the same as when I state what kind and brand of underlayment and what paint system is on the panel such as SMP or Kynar 500 and if I am installing that panel according to the manufacturer's specs. Then, there is also trim detail, such as am I using the manufacturer's standard gable, eave, ridge and valley trim or is it being made specifically for your house in our shop. If you are using metal shingles or slate, you will have to use the manufacturer's trim, it is the best fitting. If it is a vertical panel, then the custom made trim is better than the generic types.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Wade. Always know what warranties you will be receiving and who they are from. Always ensure that your contractor is insured and properly licensed.
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