Brick Chmney flashing through metal roof

John Price
I am having a leaking fireplace in a standing seam roof. I checked the flashing myself and the roofer says he did not install a base flashing because the brick chimney was already throught the roof. SO he put a counter flashing on top of the brick and put a sticky based tape on the inside of the flashing and the nailed the flashing to the side of the brick and used geo seal where the top of the metal flashing and the brick met. Is this correct? I thought you had to have a bsae flashing and install the counter flashing into the brick? He says the leaks are from the brick not his flashing. There are some hairline cracks in the mortar on the brick. ANy advice?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Having a flashing inserted into the masonry is often best but the sealants used today are very good as well. Probably more than half the times when I hear of persistent chimney leaks, the leak is due to a masonry issue not a flashing or roof issue.
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