Standing seam over SIPS - red flag issue

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A word of advice from the school of hard knocks to any comtemplating a standing seam over SIP panels. Make sure that your SIP sheathings are flush to each other, either during installation or after the fact (more problematic to correct). Even a small variation of 1/8" to 1/4" from flush will cause the metal to mirror the irregularity, making a less than atractive linear affect in a very expensive roof. Don't ask me how I know.
Nate Libbey
This is what is known as "oil canning" (slight rippling of the flat pans on standing seam). It is a fairly common occurance with standing seam systems that don't have striations or minor ribs. It does not affect the strength or soundness of the roof in any way, although some people do not like the way it looks. Common Causes of Oil Canning: unevenness in decking, carrying panels at a slight twist, thinness of the panel gauge, fastening panels tightly. etc. Ways to Avoid Oil Canning: use a thicker gauge of metal, use a panel with striations (very very small ribs), use a panel with minor ribs Some people like the look of oil canning. Personally I don't mind it at all.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
It sounds more like deck transference than oil canning. Metal panels that lay tight to the roof deck can show or transfer the deck irregularities. Some metal roofs are designed to ride above the roof deck 1-8" to 1/2". These types are more forgiving of the deck irregularities.
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I have rippling all over my metal roof and its all attached to SIP's (new cottage). The contractoris blaminng the SIP's and the manufacturer is blaming the contractor. Yes, I did choose a metal panel w/o straiations for looks. This does not appear to be the sandwich thickness difference mentioned above as I have this condition even where the metal section all lies on one SIP panel. Per photo attached, virtually every panel has ripples. The contractor suggest waiting a year to cycle (Northern Michigan)so that the fasteners loosen up. The roof was put on in October and the ripples appeared the following spring. I'm hoping that they will settle down next spring. Q: does a "warm" roof (SIP) affect the metal roof and cause rippling? Or are the fasteners too tight.
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Did ant setteling occur? Does metal roof installation go directly on the SIP? Or are there vertical "chases" the length of the run?
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Direct to deck typically.
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A cheap form of insurance might be to apply a single or double bubble insulation blanket. Typically with foil on one or both sides. This will also help with heat reflection.
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