going from a metal roof to shingle roof

Bernard R Wilson
I live in a log home that has a metal roof on it...I want to put shingles on the back porch to stop the valley from leaking...The metal roof is 5 years old and the *&UY^& that put it on is gone to who knows where...right now it has flashing under the old shingles where the metal part of the roof is on the main house section if u can picture it....the flashing is nailed onto the metal roof at the high points of the rib. someone has told me that I just need to take the old flashing out and put new flashing underneath the shingles/metal roof on the main part of the house and let it run onto the new shingles..if you guys agree how should I attach the flashing maybe slicone with a few nails:):)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Can you email a picture of what you have to me? [email protected]
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