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I recently had a 26 ga. corrugated galvalume roof installed on my house and the poppong and snapping noise from thermal expansion and contraction is horrendous. The roof construction is: 4X10 exposed beams, 1X8 t&g decking, 6 inches of rigid foam insulation with 1/2" OSB nailbase on top, 30lb. felt, corrugated roofing. Pitch is 8 in 12. The panels are screwed every 8 inches in rows 24 inches apart. Sometimes the noise is so loud it sounds like someone is up there with a baseball bat bashing the roof. Any suggestions?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is certainly not a normal condition. I am not overly familiar with these corrugated panels but I would be very suspect of the way any horizontal seams have been fastened. I would also be suspect of the structure itself -- could the noise be prompted by movement in the structure? I suggest contacting the roofing manufacturer and perhaps a structural engineer to evaluate the situation.
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I have the same situation with galvanized steel especially when sun first comes up. I do not have any laterial seams. I find the noise is amplified due to vaulted ceiling (lack of dead air and insulated buffer an attic provides). Didn't you also find rain and hail noise levels are intensified? Expansion of aluminum is more than steel...and delta temperatures on both sides of roofing sheets insulated side vs. exposed sides? Is the roofing dimpled at the fasteners when you hear this noise? I see your original message was posted in 2003 - is the roof covering still in place?
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