Hot Weather Metal Roof Condensation in a Log Home-HELP!!!!

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I have a 2300 sf 2-story log home hand built in 1978. Original owners had a composition roof on the home, then replaced it with an "InterLock" Shingle roof in 1998. There are ONLY approximately 12 small round eave vents on the northeast side of the home. The home is shaped like a "T". There are no ridge vents. As far as we know, there is a layer of insulation in the rafters (~10" rafters-We don't know the depth of the insulation. ) The interior is all cathedral ceilings with a 2 story center dining room and tongue and groove cedar throughout. There are four skylights on the NE side of the home. (One of which we have had condensation issues when it snows out here-but never issues in the summer until this year.) This is our third summer here. First year there was minimal condensation on the 2 skylights over the dining room area in the summer (Highest area of ceiling). Second year, condensation was a little worse and we smelled a bit of wet sheetrock from time to time on hot days (over ~80 degrees). This year has been quite cool until two days ago, when the temps raised to 85-100 degrees. The condensation has now been dripping not only from all four skylights, but throughout the entire ceiling, beginning around Noon and ending at sundown. It is also leaking at various locations at the edge of the exterior eaves and there are noticeable white stains on various segment of those eaves. We do have a ceiling fan and central air which have had little effect. It is quite obvious that we do not have enough ventilation. We don't know why it has gotten worse over the past three years and unfortunately, we do not have any access to see what is going on up there since there is no attic (without ripping off the 10 yr. old $20K roof) or perhaps looking behind the fascia boards. Any thoughts, or previous experience you might share, regarding what are next step should be? I assume this will only get worse and I am afraid that we are incurring a very expensive fix. Is it possible to retrofit an "InterLock" roof with ridge vents, and if so - do you know of anyone in the Portland area that could accommodate us? I do not have much faith in InterLock to assist us with what I consider an urgent issue. I am also concerned about getting out any wet existing insulation and dealing with any potential mold issues. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I am having a difficult time finding someone to work on this roof. Regards, Sean
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Sean. Not sure I was able to help but I believe we taqlked via phone after you posted this. Your situation does confuse me.
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