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I have a double wide trailer that I recently had a freestanding pole barn- type metal roof put over. The trusses are approximately 1.5 ft. above original metal roof on trailers and sides come down to just past the original roof edges. From sides of new roof to trailer is about 16 in. which I am in the process of installing vented soffit. I plan to install a ridge vent. The question is when I had the metal roof installed it was not insulated. When I enclose the roof am I going to have problems with condensation on the bottom side of new roof with it enclosed like this or are the ridge vent and soffit going to give it enough ventilation ? Or am I going to have to insulate the bottom of the new roof to stop condensation? P.S. I live in central Illinois if that has any bearing on your answer.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The proposed ventilation should take care of any issues I believe.
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