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My wife and I are in the design phase of a cabin for our mountain property. We are building a stick built cabin with blow in insulation. We have always assumed it would have a metal roof. The other day our builder said he talked to his roofing contractor and that gentleman said ice damming and subsequent leakage was a problem with metal roofs. Our cabin design has many peaks and valleys with dormers (I think that is what you call them). He suggested asphalt shingles. Well now we are worried. We really want metal if possible. For one thing we like the cabiney look of it. However we can't afford to have leaks. What do you suggest? Money is definitely a concern so how can we affordably prevent ice damming and leaks? From reading other forum posts it looks like ice damming and leaks happen on all types of roof surfaces not just metal. Help! Kurt
Nate Libbey
Kurt, As you mentioned, ice damming and leaks can occur on all types of roofing if they are not installed correctly. Metal roofs are no more susceptible to these than any other roofing material. The most important thing is to hire a roofer who is experienced in installing the roofing. To prevent problems with ice damming, I would reccomend you install ice and water shield as a barrier. This is installed at eaves, valleys, around endwalls and sidewalls, and anywhere else where you may have concerns. Also a quality synthetic underlayment is an excellent way to add protection to your roof.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I agree with Nate. You should ask yourself this question: If ice damming is a problem with metal roofs, why are there so many of them at ski resorts and other areas that experience heavy ice and snow? The reality is that properly installed metal roofs perform extremely well in heavy ice and snow conditions. I would be leery of using a roofing contractor to install a metal roof if he has no confidence in them in a given environment. Find a contractor that has installed many metal roofs in the area, with good success.
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Thanks guys. I will pass the info. on to the builder. Kurt
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
All best.
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