Surveyor Vs Building Control....

Kevin Murphy
I have recently had an extension completed with a lead roof. Unfortunately, the building company went bust before the project ended. Although the extension has been signed off by building control, the party wall surveyor is now saying that there's some issues with the roof. Clearly, I'm no expert, but I guess a few of you are! The surveyor says there's an issue with the leadwork to the drainage chute "which appears to have been composed of short left-over available lengths of lead" He also says "the lead has not been correctly dressed to the wall, and this will affect your extension, and also the party wall, as it will allow water damage." I can only upload one attachement to this thread, so I'll upload the one which shows the dressing to the wall. Whilst the builders have certainly not done a perfect job in many places (that's presumably why they went bust!), i'm particularly concerned about anything that will cause us issues in future. The surveyor has not indicated what issues could be caused by using short bits of lead on the chute, if you guys think there's any, could you let me know. And more importantly, could you let me know how likely you think the dressing to the wall is to cause water damage?? Many thanks for taking the time to look at the photos, and apologies if they're not particularly clear! Kevin Murphy
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I apologize for the delay. Not sure I can help you with this. Have you yet figured anything out?
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