margaret sampson
Tim I see you are with Classic Metal so I hope you can answer my questions, and I have many.Iposted about the chimney last week. We hired a contractor (20 yrs) to give install a Classic Rib Znal 29 Ga roof. We have old house over 100yrs old. The main part of the house we removed old roof put on sheeting boards then 30ga felt paper then the roof, NOW I went to the (people we bought from) website and the show the outside and inside closures which we received with the order. BUT the contractor DID NOT use them..He did not tell us this we found out later, he only used part and screw fastener DOES NOT go thru the closure as it shows in the pics. WILL THIS MAKE A LEAK? I got on the first story part of the house and put my fingers under the rood ridge and can feel they did not go thru the closure. Should I ask him to redo this? will it tear the metal hole up? You know my husband have dreamed of this new roof and now I find out there is a lot to installing it correctly. He even left one piece of OLD METAL ROOF under one sheet and this one does not fit right. He is to return next week and I am trying to find out all I can to correct the problem. I asked him about this sheet and he said he could not do anything for it, but when i was blowing the eaves out i saw why it does not fit correct. Our old hous is huge we ordered 1334 lbs of roofing for it. He also did not put but one row of screws at the top & rodge and one row along the botton. I know the guide shows the stitch screw every 12" and the others should be every 2-3 ft apart. Can you please give me an answer. I am just sick about this. We are seniors and believed this would be our roof to last for our lives. Thanks so much Margaret (fiffor)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Margaret, I am sorry for all you have been through. Your roof was not manufactured by my company. There are other companies using the word "Classic" in their product names. I would urge you to find out who the manufacturer of your roof is and contact them. Also, no pictures were attached to your post. If you wish you can email pics to me at [email protected]
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