manufacturing process of metal roofing

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how do you manufacture metal roofing
Nate Libbey
The manufacturing process of metal roofing varies greatly depending on the product. Most metal roofing products start out with a coil of metal, most commonly steel, aluminum or copper. If it is steel it is usually coated with a zinc or zinc-aluminum coating. With aluminum or copper this is not necessary. Next, multiple primer coats are generally applied, again depending on the product. From there it depends on whether it is metal shingles or vertical panels. For vertical metal panels, a baked on paint system is usually applied. (Sometimes however the panels are left in the zinc or zinc-aluminum finish). It is then put through a series of rollers to form the required ribs. It is usually cut as it rolls out, often to custom specified lengths. For metal shingles, either a paint finish or acrylic bonded stone chip finish is applied. It is then cut into sections and stamped with a press. The actual manufacturing process varies greatly from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer. All produce great results.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Nate.
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What keeps the cut edges of the metal from rusting?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Ron, with steel roofing, the edges should be cut with a shearing action. The cleaner this can be done, the less likely rust will occur. Field cut edges can be painted by the installer if desired.
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