Should I replace chimney counterflashing?

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I am a homeowner and need to replace the roof of the house I am purchasing. The house is in southern NY state and was built in 1956. I am guessing the copper chimney flashing is original. I received multiple estimates and all but one of the roofers told me that I should replace all of the chimney flashing, both counter and step. One roofer, who in my opinion, seemed a bit more knowledgeable than the others (but maybe I'm being fooled by his salesmanship), told me that he would not at all recommend replacing the counter flashing ("I wouldn't even do it on my own house"), as it is in good shape and since it might be a through wall flashing, I am asking for trouble. He told me I should only have the step flashing replaced when replacing the rest of the roof. I don't mind spending additional money, if needed, to get the job done the best way. If I am replacing the rest of the roof and step flashing, should the counter flashing also be replaced? How long does copper flashing last? If it is already 50 years old (but in good shape), will I be able to get another 30 years out of it? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You have to be very careful if dissimilar metals being in contact. That could be an issue with the old copper step flashing plus the run off from the copper will streak the roof. I would replace it.
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