Mid-Job switch from tile to standing seam

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Hello, My roofer proposed a light weight concrete tile roof with "Wedge-It" for my home to meet my requirements for an energy efficient walkable roof. It turned out that this combination didn't work as advertised and the tile cracked and broke easily under foot traffic. However, by the time that was discovered the underlayment and battens were complete. I am now proceeding with a metal standing seam roof. The roofer pulled up the battens and smeared some caulk-like substance on the batten staple holes. In addition, tile specific solar panel mounts were removed on a 400 square foot area which left about 100 1/4 and 5/16 inch holes. These too were caulked. Is this sufficient preparation for the metal standing seam roof installation? The underlayment is marked "Elastoflex SA V, fiberglass reinforced SBS membrane base sheet." I don't know what the caulking material is, but it is light tan in color. Thanks, Mike
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Mike, At this stage, with the roof off, just roll another underlayment over the part you need to. What the roofer has done may work just fine but it will bother you from now on. You will really get to thinking about it when it rains. [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I agree with Wade.
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