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1. Although steel and aluminum are easily recycled, how can I find companies in the Chicago region that install recycled metal roofing as opposed to recyclable metal roofs? 2.Can you direct me to an eco-friendly roofing material that costs about or slightly more than regular asphalt? My 200+ year old home is not a candidate for a solar roof. I have looked into recycled slate, rubber, cedar, metal and ceramic, and they are all astronomically more expensive. (extra info from the member: I would be the most grateful person on the planet if someone could direct me to an eco-friendly roofing material that costs about or only slightly more than regular asphalt shingle. So far, I've only gotten the advice that nothing is as cheap as asphalt, and that life cycle is the main consideration, so recycled slate would be the ideal choice. Ha ha.)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry but I do not know of a product that fits the bill of what you are seeking. Most steel roofing will have about 35% recycled content and aluminum will have about 95%. The more ecological choices in roofing also are the more lasting and durable choices and that means they are produced from more costly raw materials, driving up their final cost.
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