Metal Roof Sheathing Requirements for 150 mph Hurricane wind zones

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I am a building inspector new to the Gulf Coast and am having difficulty finding code references requiring solid plywood sheathing for 150 mph wind zones for metal roofing. I find them for metal shingles but not for standing seam roofs. Usually it falls under the category of "installation must be per manufacturer's instructions". As I do not want to have to require a manufacturer's NOA on every residence, shed and boathouse built here can you direct me to a code reference requiring solid sheathing instead of fastened to purlin installation for metal roofing in 150 mph wind zones? I believe metal roofs are the best choice for this area but they must be installed correctly to withstand the high winds here. My primary concern is some of the large "Boathouses" which are essentially a metal roof built off of wood pilings since these elevated structures are completely open on all four sides and are susceptible to extreme uplift forces. Many metal roofs have been installed over open purlins rather than solid sheathing which not only leaves the roof covering vulnerable to uplift but also reduces the lateral stability of the rafter system.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I thought that the IBC includes a provision for this.
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