One year old metal roof, many concerns...

fabien t
Fellows, I am alarmed by the installation of a brand new metal roof. This roof was professionally installed by a contractor last summer. The building is a cottage with a slow pitch roof in cottage country (southern Ontario). 1. The vent stack has been ripped right off. I have been told this should not have happened had the vent been properly secured and installed. Does this look right to you? A picture is available here: 2. There is a "rip" in one piece. I couldn't believe the snow would do that and I have been told it was *probably* installed this way. A picture is available here: 3. Lastly, the chimney has no flashing. Just silicon caulking. Does this seem proper to you? A picture is available here: Bottom line: I am very concerned by this roof and need to understand what reasonable expectations I might have as a home owner for the installation of a roof by an "expert".
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry for not responding sooner. The pipe probably needs to have some re-enforcement ties put behind it. I do not understand the tear. Ice and snow by itself should not have done that. The chimney has not been flashed. The placement of the chimney at the ridge helps but it still is not done right.
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