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I specified a standing seam metal roof on my new home which has a 6/12 pitch roof. I also specified the roof have two intervals of ice bars to keep the roof from unloading snow and injuring somebody and ripping off my gutters. Currently I have about a ft of snow and ice on my roof and it is ripping the ice bars off the roof. I noted that the ice bars were screwed into the roof on the down grade side, on every other standing seem, rather than being screwed on the up grade side. So as the ice sheet on the bottom of the snow layer pushes against the ice bar it is simply lifting it up as it slowly slides. As the ice bar is not screwed along it's top edge into the roof, the ice eventually lifts it to the point it is ripping the ice bars completely off the screws attached along the lower edge of the ice bar. Bottom line is the ice bars are completely ripped off the roof and eventually fall to the ground along with the ice and snow. My question is this faulty installation and shouldn't the ice bars be screwed on the up grade side to each and every standing seem?? I have pics if anyone in the know would like to see them - I need expert advice here because I'm likely going to have to go after the installer that put the whole roof on - including the ice bars. Rob
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Send me pics if you want ... [email protected] but the best authority on whether the snowbars were installed properly or not is going to be the snowbar manufacturer. It sounds to me like you have a lot of ice damming going on. Is there good ventilation beneath the roof?
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