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What was the most common type of metal roofing used in the early 1900’s? I have 2 houses that have slate roofs that are failing beyond repair. The cost is too great to remove and put slate back so I am trying to look into metal roofs to appease the historic commission as well as my pocket book. I know very little about this. Was 5v crimp used in the early 1900’s when did standing seam come into play? I am trying to make a case for a metal roof and need to know the most likely kind of roof used that would be the most affordable... Thanks for any info….
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The metal roofing at that point would have been a handp-formed thin rib standing seam in all likelihood. There were also some metal shingles back then as well as some flat lock products. I am not quite sure when 5V came on these scene. It has been around a long time but perhaps not quite that long.
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