Gary Potter
I have a home in the British Virgin Islands with a metal roof that I think was manufactured by E.C.I Building Components , Stafford, TX. I have tried to find them via the internet but it looks like they are out of business. Can you verify that? The roof was installed about eight years ago. I was recently on the roof as it has developed a leak and it appears to need repainting already. Is that normal, i.e. requiring painting in just eight years. We are right on the coast so the roof is subjected to very harsh conditions, salt spray, intense sun, frequent rain etc. I want to keep the roof about the same color, which I believe was called patina green and would like a paint that has a reasonably good shoot at lasting seven years or so. What do you recommend? Can you recommend a brand of paint with kynar/hylar that I can apply myself. Thanks for the help
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Hi Gary, Hopefully you have now also received my response to your other, similar question.
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