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I have built a rather large storage shed at 12x20 with a barn style gambrel roof. I was about to head to the metal shop to order roofing and came across this site. I was planning on installing 5' panels on each slope (2 per side, top and bottom) where I would have 7 on the top (3' x 7' for a total of 21 feet where I would overlap one ridge giving me a 3" overhang on each end) for a total of 28 panels. Then I saw a similar storage barn where the panels ran horizontally for the the length of the barn. And this made me have second thoughts about my idea. Would it be "better" to run a 20'6" panel the length of the building with one panel on each side with a "bend" at the point where the two angles meet? This of course assumes I'm going to have a 3" vent opening at the top where each side is independant of each other ? I already have down 5/8" OSB over 2x4 trusses with a 3-5" opening (I'm not a professional so there's some variance) along the top. So should I go up and down or across? Thanks, Shawn
Shawn Shreves
Update... I checked at my local metal supply and they recommended not "bending" at the slope change, but instead, having the upper slope overhang 2-3" and then start another piece for the lower slope. The sales rep told me it would be easier to do the longer pieces, but normally they recommend running the pieces down the slope. He did say given my circumstances (amateur) running horizontal would be easier and probably look better and still functional since we average less than 30" of rain a year. Still looking for other opinions though???
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would not bend the panels over the pitch change. A transition flashing there would be best. I believe that, as long as the seams were pointing down the slope, you probably could get by with a horizontal application.
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