Asphalt shingles dying into standing seam metal roof

Chris Hau
We are building a new house and had hoped to put standing seam metal roof over the garage, dormers and covered porches. Using asphalt shingles over rest of the house. This application would require the asphalt shingles of the main house to dye into the garage's standing seam. We're being told by our builder that he cant find a roofer who will apply the standing seam the way we have it envisioned. He is giving us to reasons detailed below. 1. In the 2 valleys where the asphalt shingles meet the metal he is saying that when ice forms in the valleys the ice damns will push up the shingles and could leak. 2. The covered porches below the main roofs asphalt shingles are going to be covered with standing seam. He is saying that over time the asphalt shingles and the "asphalt dropping" will scratch the finish of the standing seam below and void the finish warranty. Both of these are valid points. Ideally we would like metal over the entire roof but we cant afford it. So we would like to accent the smaller areas with metal. Is there nothing that can be done to mitigate these risks and install the roof the way we had envisioned. Thanks
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
It is hard to know for sure how all this comes together from your description. Can you upload a drawing? I would not be worried about the minerals from the asphalt shingles running down the metal and scratching it. It might be a problem if you are constantly walking on the metal roof and grinding the minerals into the paint with your shoes, but just rain washing minerals down the metal roof should not harm it.
Guest User
Ken I've uploaded the elevations. I guess the concern is that if the minerals or pieces of shingles are trapped under snow and slide down the metal it will damage the finish.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
From a practical standpoint, I have never heard of that happening. One option is to use a metal roof entirely -- perhaps even a shake or shingle profile metal panel on the steeper roof portions. Also, I know of at least one company that offers standing seam with a powdercoated Kynar finish which tens to be more scratch resistant than standard Kynar. Beautiful home design by the way.
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