Installing metal fascia on an arch

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Currently I am administering a project which has a barrel vaulted roof done in standing seam metal. The metal fascia at the end of the barel therefore assumes the curve of the barrel. The Contractor is having a great deal of difficulty applying the fascia without getting severe 'oil canning' in the finished surface. The end result thus far has been unacceptable. While I am not responsible for his means and methods, I was looking for some advise if anyone has encounterd a similar detail. I am thinking that perhaps the 24 gauge metal sheet fascia material might resist this 'puckering' if it were laminated to a 1/2" sheet of plywood and then cut into large segments of the arc, which could in turn be laminated and screwed to the existing plywood fascia substrate (conceal screws behind narrow vertical metal 'seams'). Does this sound realistic, or will thermal differentials between the fascia metal and plywood substate be amplified by the lamaiination?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The lamination of steel or aluminum to wood has been done often in the past and seems to work successfully. You might also consider some pre-laminated panels which are available which mount metal to a heavy plastic. Alucobond and Alcoa Cladding are two manufacturers you could locate on the internet.
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