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We live in Northern Michigan, lots of snow, lots of ice. Thinking about a metal roof over our exisiting shingled roof. It's a 28 by 76 modular. Home is 15 years old. A very walkable slope, that I shovel several times a winter. Where do we start this process? What kind of metal roof should we look for? What kind should we stay away from? We're starting from scratch, and our knowledge about metal roofs could fit on the head of a pin. Thanks for any info.
Nate Libbey
Dick, The first place to start would probably be to decide whether you want vertical panels or metal shingles. Either system will perform well in snow loads. As far as brands go, check out the manufacturer link above for a wide variety. Any of them will be able to direct you to a supplier who sells in your area. I would reccomend looking into snow guards to prevent the snow from sliding off. Also, some building codes do not allow for re-roofing over asphalt shingles. You will need to check both on the building code, as well as the manufacterer of the metal roofing. For some basic information on metal roofing, click on the home page, then click on the "metal roofing 101" link. It has some great information. Also much information can be found on manufacturer's websites.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I also have a "generic" article on metal roofing I can send if you email to me at [email protected]
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