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when istalling a metal roof over one existing shingle roof, would I have to remove the existing roof edging under shingles? Or, can I cut back the shingles to expose roof edging and use the existing roof edging metal to attach closures or should I use closures at all? Thanks James
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
It sounds like you are planning to attach the new metal roof directly over the existing shingles. Depending upon the type and gauge of metal roof, you may want to consider using 1 x 4 lathing over the shingles to prevent irregularities from showing through. Either way, I would plan on using new drip edge at both the eave and rakes. If you use lathing, install the trim on top of the 1 x 4s. If not, intall the trim on top of the existing shingles (you will have to cut them back flush with the facia board).
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