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I am reroofing my house and also adding some rooms so I want to get a new (metal) roof. I estimate the size at around 5000 square feet. When I told tha contractor that I wanted to look into a metal roof he told me that he had no experience with metal roofing but it would be prohibitively expensive. So, I am being told by the contractor that shingles will cost me around $0.90 a square foot while metal, standing seam will cost $4.25. Also that the installation is $.50/sq ft for shingle and $1 /sqft for metal. Can you tell me if these are in the ballpark or is it possible that I can get a more comparable price between the two? IS it really 4-5X more expensive? Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, both standard shingles and metal come in a wide range of quality and price. I would say that he is quoting you a low end standard shingle and a medium grade metal roof. My suggestion would be to use this site to find some metal roofs you may like and then contact their manufacturers for details. All that said, sure, metal is an extra investment. However, it has also quadrupled in market share the past ten years because so many consumers are becoming frustrated by the short lives and other problems of traditional roofing materials.
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