Installation of metal on 120 year old building

Darin Hendricks
I could use some advice on installation of a standard metal roof on an old lumberyard building. Do to the design,the roof has basically 3 parts to it. It is about 10 feet wide at the top and then transitions to another level on each side that drops about 4 inches and extends another 10 feet. The pitch is about a 2/12. The sheating is constructed of 1x6 boards throughout. The current roofing material is old asphalt rolled roofing. I want to remove the rolled roofing and install some 2x4's on top of the current sheating to create a smooth surface to fasten metal to. With any luck, I can increase the pitch to maybe 3/12 or 4/12. Do you see any problems with this idea? Would I need to install some kind of fanfold insulation under the metal? How should I go about fastening the 2x4's to the current sheating? Will toe-nailing be strong enough or do I need to bolt down with metal brackets? Thanks for any help/advice you could offer.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Darin, this sounds reasonable and toe nailing should be okay provded you are going into good lumber.
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