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We have a 12 y.o. house - Federal style 2 story with 12' ceilings and 9', 2400 sq. ft and an addition. The current 3 tab shingles have been coming off with every high wind since construction, Certainteed won't stand behind them, nor has our builder. The Insurance co. states it is 2284.32 Surface Area, 7/12 to 9/12 slope and extra high due to ceilings. We have estimates for dimensional shingles and metal with the latter ranging from $12,000 to $21,900. Some say remove old roof, some don't, some have 24 ga. some 28 ga. some have all exposed fasterners, some don't. Our heads are spinning and if you saw yesterday's news, you know KY got the worst wind storms in almost 60 years! We lost 52 shingles and the ridge vent is hanging by a thread; again! We have no idea what to do - and who to use. I can email photos of the house if helpful.
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One of the positives associated with metal roofing is the wide variety of product types and qualities. If you email me at [email protected] I have an article on metal roofing that I will send to you. Many metal roofs are fine to be installed over old shingles. Some thinner gauge or less formed products may show ripples from doing so. Gauge is a marker of quality but heavier gauge does not always mean better quality if the product is not designed well. Proper installation is critical. Talk to past customers, look at past jobs. Ask if the materials meet the standards set forth by the MCA Certified Roofing Panel program.
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