David Farmer
I have added on to my existing house with a new section. The contractor placed the metal roof directly on the risers with no osp, plywood, or vapor barrior. The roof has a ridge vent. The sofets were not done correctly but I will make sure air can flow form the sides. My insulation contractor placed fiber glass insulation directly on the metal and I had him take it back off due to my fear of condensation. I have told him he must install baffels to allow the air to flow between the metal and the insulation. My question is 1. Is this correct? 2. Do I need to take the metal roof back off and place a vapor barrior between the metal roof and the risers? 4. Now that the roof is on can do I need to install the baffels, then a vapor barrior, then the insulation? Hence, just trying to make sure I do this correct. Thank for the help.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
These types of things unfortunately are more unpredictable than scientific because so much depends upon other aspects of the building such as how much moisture will be present. Overall your 4) plan you states sounds best.
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