Underlayment under a Steel Roof

Ronald Markland
I have contracted to have a steel roof installed. It will be installed over the existing asphalt shingles. Would like to know if it is neccessary to put down a layer of underlayment first and what is the purpose of it? There will also be double batten put down as well. Thanks
Brian Selig
Architectural Building Components Metal Roof and Wall Panels
A tear off with new underlayment and new roof would be preferred in my opinion. If you have a frame going down over the top, the use of underlayment would depend upon the ability of the existing shingles to serve the function.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you install battens make sure the roof panel is okay for going over battens. I would use underlayment regardless but definitely if you do not use battens. Preventing rubbing between the rough asphalt and the back of the metal is one reason.
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