we are adding on to our house and will be applying new siding all around. I have been looking for pictures of homes with metal used as siding. would like to use a ribbed panel. Have not had any luck finding anything! Also would like to use a galvanized or galvalume on the cathedrial ceiling above the kitchen and living room. Can you give me a point in the direction of finding books with examples of these uses? Thanks Kim
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Kim, Here is a shot of our house we built using metal siding and same material for the roof. Great product since I never have to paint!!!
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thanks for the pic. I'm wanting to use a burnished slate on the roof and the walls with a light colored trim. did you use vinyl soffit or metal? for the colors i am wanting i think metal will be the cheaper way to go and will never have to replace it or like you said... paint it. thanks again Kim
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Have you looked at what MRA member ATAS International has to offer?
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