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I own an old home. I have an A-Frame loft roof with 2x8 ceiling joists. There is no attic. it is a salbox roof with one side at 6/12 pitch 16 ft and the other is a 12 ft 4/12 pitch. there is open beam and no insulation. osb is the decking. Should there be a vapor barrier over the decking and then lay down 30 lb felt? and then put down the super strips? and how do you put the super strip on from the bottom to the ridge or across the roof side ways? what about ventilation? could we use two vapor barriers one on top of the deck and one underneath and then put the insulation on top of that? there will be no soffit so how will it vent?? i am asking so i am up to speed when i have some estimates done so i know how it should be done so the super strip lasyed on top of the joists but they are not trully a 1 inch space a 1x3 is 3/4" x 2/12" does that matter???? please help chris
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I live in Morgantown, West Virginia I would like to put a metal roof over rolled roofing. Currently I have 2 layers of rolled roofing, will I need to install furring strips prior to putting on the metal roof? thank you.
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Wow CR. That a lot of questions. I will try to addres them but many of these will be determined by the exact metal panel you choose and what its manufacturer specifies. A vapor barrier needs to be on the warm (house) side of your attic insulation. Putting a vapor barrier on top of the roof deck will cause moisture from inside the house to condense in the decking quite possibly. If you install a roof that can be installed on battens, the battens will run horizontally. It will be impossible to vent this properly if you cannot have soffit vents. The more I think about this, call me at my office at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 ... let's talk it through a bit. This is too complex to handle properly here. All Best.
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