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Hello, Can anyone help me find the best UL desing for a 1hr roof for the following system" SS metal roof 4" Z-Purlins 6" Suppport brackets fastened to bottom flutes of steel deck 1 1/2" steel decking Wide flange steel strctural framing. I need r-24 of insulation. The best/ closet desing I have seen so far is P711, but this has a maximum thickness of 4 7/8" insulation of Mineral fiber board. Even counting for fireproofing the bottom of the deck this is keeping me below r-24. I would prefer fiberglass batt insualtion, but I see not UL provisions for it.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, this will be based upon how the roofing manufacturer has tested and had their product approved. One option would be Elk VersaShield I believe.
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