corrosion caused by cedar shingle washoff

Margaret Clime
We have a year old house with a galvanized metal front porch roof. The main roof is cedar shingles and the section above the porch has a Dutch gable and no gutters so rain water (when we have some rain!) falls two stories onto the metal roof. The result is a row of oval areas where the "galvanization" has been washed away and bare metal is exposed. To us this is unattractive, though the developer seem to want us to believe this is a desirable "aging" of the roof. Will painting resolve the problem or is it necessary to re-roof with a different, more resistant, product?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
While I advocate against allowing water to cascade onto a lower roof as you describe, it's hard to believe that in one year the galvanized coating has worn off. If the panels are down to bare metal, they should be red rusting. Is this the case? Can you post some pictures so we can see what you are seeing?
Margaret Clime
No, there is not real rusting yet. I'll try to take a couple of pictures tomorrow or over the weekend to send along.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
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