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Hello... Wow what a useful site!! Keep up the good work! I had a Log Home built this past summer, Cathedral ceiling, 12x12 pitch, 16 inch wood I's. My wood I's are a 16 inch OSB sandwiched between two 2x4's. Wood I's are spaced at 24 inches apart, inside the wood I, i placed a 1 inch Styrofoam to keep blown insulation inside the wood I's. Vapor barrier 6 mil and then 4 inch tongue and groove pine boards finish inside. On top of the wood I's , i have a 2x4 straping spaced at 16 inch apart. Metal roofing is screwed into 2x4 strapping at every 32 inches. They recently finished facia boards and soffit with no soffit vents withe the same 4 inch T&g Pine bords on the outside soffit. I do have a ridge cap with a 1 inch brissel pad type underneath. I have massive massive massive water leaking inside the house worst spots in the valley of my gables. I really think my problem is not from inside the house vapors reaching metal...( T&g boards, 6 mill vapor barr. 16 inches of blown insulation, 1 inch styrofoam, 3.5 inches air space, and finnaly metal roofing.) Would the fact that my soffit is completely sealed off with T&G boards have an impact on ventilation? If I decide to put 8' vent strips in my soffit help? I am currently ripping of facia boards for more air flow from the eaves. Please Help , this was an expensive roof system and house!!!!!! Thanx a bunch Chris
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I assume you have a vented ridge. For a vented ridge to work properly, you need to match air intake at the eaves to the air exhaust at the ridge. I also wonder if you truly have a condensation issue if you have a vapor barrier below the insulation. I would expect the water to be seeping out of your ceiling everywhere if condensation was the issue, but especially in the kitchen and bath areas where the most water is introduced into the air inside the house. You state that the worst spots are at the valleys. Do you have any pictures of how these areas are constructed? Do the leaks occur constantly or just after a rain or as snow is melting? What does your roof installer think is the problem? Have you pulled any of the T&G off to see if water is on top of the vapor barrier or if it really is condensing on the bottom of the vapor barrier?
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Yes a vented ridge, and we never have water problems unless it gets above the freezing mark. Example it stayed in the mid twenty's for 3 weeks, we never had any water problems, one nice sunny day it got all the way up to high 40's, the water came dripping down at the seams of every vapor barriers, I did take some T&G boards off and can see that water is seeping all the way trough the insulation making its way to the 6 mill and dripping all the way to a seam and dripping on the floor. This will not happen again until freezing temp and unthaw again. I can see on the underside of the roofing metal from taking off some of the fascia boards , that the inside metal has a nice little white frost on it. This is melting on warm days I assume? The valley's are only the worst spot because of the wood I's are all attached to a 16 inch LVL beam that creates the valley so lots of water running down the plastic vap.barr. and the styrofoam to end up at the valley. I do have 12 inch valley flashings at every valley. My roof installer says I don't have enough air space. Is this right? Thanx so much!! Chris
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It can be difficult to vent in valley areas. If you are still seeking input, please give me a call sometime at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 Todd
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