cindy butler
1/5/2008 this correct. We are in the process of having a metal roof installed. We dont know if this is wrong but it appears so to us. The metal has dimpled at each screw location. Like a little dent. Is this normal. It is most noticeable on the back of the house and that may be because we can see the full roof from the back.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The screws may be too tight or there could be other problems. I would suggest sending a picture to the manufacturer of the roofing for their input.
Guest User
I have a similar problem with dimpling at most screw-downs but the manufacturer won't deal with me. He has told me that the contractor is his customer, not me, and that I should direct any questions or concerns I have to the him. Is this normal...that the manufacturer won't talk to me, the end user of the product? btw, the product is Galvalume. Thanks
Guest User
This is common. Some roofs you don't see as much because of the pitch and the angle of sight and the angle of light(sun). Screws can be overtightened and it will be worse, but if you get the screw tight enough to seal the washer, a dimple will appear. If you install panels directly over a composition roof, then the dimpling is much worse.
Guest User
Then it sounds like I don't have anything to worry about. That's good news. Thank you, Wade. SJ
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