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I just noticed that on my new barn roof, the top ridge screws all missed wood - totally. The roof was built with purlins and although the ridge covers the metal roofing itself, I can see the ridge screws where they protruded through the foil insulation. What if anything should or could be done at this time? By the way I used a reputable highly recommended "professional" roofer. Man am I upset!
Nate Libbey
Dave, Depending on the system used, this might be the correct method of installing. Many metal roofing systems call for "stitch screws" in the ridge. These are short screws which hold the ridge to the panel, and are not required to go into any purlins. On the other hand, some systems don't work well this way. You might want to contact the manufacturer to find out if this is appropriate using their system. Also if you attach a photo I might be able to give you a more specific opinion.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Dave, let us know if you are still seeking assistance and input.
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