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I have one layer of asphalt shingles on my roof and am about to put metal over it. One section of my house has red brick on the front (there are some black bricks scattered throughout)and it seems to me that the only color that would look right (I hate grey) is black. A few people are telling me that black metal is going to make a significant difference in my ability to keep the house cool in the summer. Any thoughts from the experts on that issue? Thanks for any opinions you can offer.
Brian Selig
Architectural Building Components Metal Roof and Wall Panels
Black is the ultimate heat absorbing color (according to solar reflectivity). The metal will be hotter and will radiate more heat to whatever it is touching. The way to minimize the impact of the color is to minimize the direct contact of the metal roof panel with the roof deck. Many standing seam panels offer a 1/4" - 1" clip offset. We have found that providing an air space between the deck and the roof panel makes a significant improvement in radiant heat transfer. You will definitely want this if you choose black.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Brian's advice is good. However, I want to add a couple of things. In a metal roof, black is really really really black. In asphalt shingles, what you think is black is really a mottled dark gray. In most cases, a dark gray metal roof will look similar in color. A black metal roof will be much darker than what you're accustomed to. Also, there are some metal roofing manufacturers now offering dark colors with reflective pigment for decent energy efficiency even in dark colors.
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