how do you flatlock a valley when a rib is to close to it?

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I'm doing a roof and I have a problem in the valley of a dormer. The rib of the panel runs about three inches away from a valley.I don't want all the water coming down the valley to have to squeeze by only a 3" gap. Can you give me directions how I flatlock two panels into a valley. I know you have to pound the rib down and bend it up 3/4" to lock it with the valley, but I can't really grasp how I'll do it. Thank you so much for your help.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
That will work if you are using copper or terne but I would not use that method with Galvalume or galvanized steel. There are two other ways of handling this situation. Depending upon the type of roof panel you are using, you may be able to have a special panel press broken (see attached picture). Another way to do it is to cut the panel ribs of both panels beginning approximately one inch below the end of the valley flashing. Then install an outside panel cap cell (made by a curb company) that has a bottom flange long enough to extend up, under the valley flashing. Obviously you would need to use sealants between the parts to provide a compete seal.
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