rick hamilton
we have a rubber roof on a 4/12 pitch roof and would like to put on a standing seam roof. we would like to add insulation boards 1" thick. can I put down the insulation on the rubber and then add the metal right on the insulation? should we put some sort of underlayment between the insulation and metal? thanks for any input.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
Depending upon what substrate is under the rubber roof, this is doable. It is probably wood or metal deck. This will determine what type of fasteners are needed. If the standing seam roof uses hold down clips, you will need to use bearing plates under the clips to prevent the clips from sinking into the foam board. If you are using a concealed fastener type panel, you may want to consider attaching batten strips of wood or metal to the substrate under the rubber roof and then attaching the hidden fastener panels to the battens. I would use a foam with a density of at least 2 pcf or a compressive strength of at least 25 psi.
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