gutter guard for metal roofing - slowing down the water

eric timms
We have had a problem with water shooting over the gutters on metal roofing. I would like to find a gutter guard for metal roofing or something that would slow down the water. Do you guys know of a gutter guard type system that will work on a metal roof? If you can tell me where to find them, that would be great. We make a box style gutter, so if it could work with a box style gutter, that would be good. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Many gutter protection systems involve the starter strip / assembly. Doing so is sometimes a little risky as it makes later repair or replacement of one or the other difficult. Some of the fully internal gutter protection systems, I feel, offer a good option. But about anything can be made to work reasonably well. Leaf Relief might be a product you would want to take a look at.
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