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I recently purchased everything (I thought) that I needed to have a metal roof installed on my house. I was told at the purchase of my materials that I didn't need the felt underlay. The contractors will be starting in the morning and they asked about the felt. Do I need this or not? I have a solid plywood base and they are removing the old shingles. I do not have a steep pitch to my roof and I live southeast of Dallas in a fairly temperate climate. Thank you for any assistance.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I strongly recommend that you contact the manufacturer and ask for his recommendations. If you live in a climate that gets teperatures that drop below the dew point you will get condensation forming under and roof material. Dallas falls in this category. The UBC building code calls for underlayment unless the product has been tested without it. If this is a reroof application over an existing shingle roof then the existing shingle roof if in reasonable condition then it may perform this function however the felt is an excellant material to help stop the telegraphing of the shingle pattern up through the metal. It is only a few dollars and an excellant investmant that will act as a secondary back up as well. You need to make a value decision.
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