Re-installing metal standing seam roof over OSB for repairs

Dan Fey
I've just had 24 guage standing seam metal roof with hidden fasteners installed on an A-Frame cabin. This roof is mounted on new 7/16 OSB with 30 pnd felt, over 2 inch polyiso insulation, and on top of 2 X 6 T and G, which serves as my ceiling. There's a fair amount of oil canning, but I was warned in advance. However, the roofer miscut a skylight hole during the process and had to replace a section of my 2 X 6 tongue and groove ceiling. He replaced the existing T and G with a different profile (they apparently don't make it like they used to in 1968) and it looks bad; the lines between the existing T and G don't match up with the new on the inside of the cabin. He said he will remove the metal roof over this section and better match the T and G and he is waiting for my go ahead to start the process. It appears I can have T and G milled to match the existing. When he does the removal and repair, do I (1) I need to be concerned about additional oil canning to the metal during removal and reattachment, and (2) should I be concerned about remounting the metal on the OSB after the repair -- will the screws still hold the metal when they are reattached to the OSB in the same location before removal for the fix? I assume the roofer will reuse the OSB in this section. Thank you!
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I would not be too concerned about the panels oil canning worse unless the panels are handled roughly during removal and reinstallation. However, without knowing what the standing seam profile is, I have no way of knowing how hard it will be to remove a few panels. The contractor maybe able to move the screws away from the exisitng holes in the OSB or he may be able to use a larger diameter fastener.
Dan Fey
Thanks for your reply. To clarify, this roof is a snap lock system with one inch seams with hidden fastners (screws)under the seams. The panels are 12" wide and don't have any mid-panel ribbing.
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