Fixing Condensation on existing metal roof

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I purchased a home that had a metal roof on it. It was built in the 50's and it does not have a moisture barrier under the metal, the metal is nailed to nailer strips and to the rafters. Is there any fix without ripping the metal roof off and putting osb and tar paper under the metal? I was hoping maybe nailing blue board or insulating board to the underside of the rafters would possibly act as a barrier to keep the cold air and warm air from creating that amount of moisture. Also they had covered up the gable vents with siding so I am going to cut those out, they are located in the attic space of the house on each side of the rafters. The house is a cape cod with two bedrooms upstairs. HELP PLEASE.
Brian Selig
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Before you pursue that insulation project, check with local contractors about providing better ventilation. Different options are available. You need to keep your attic in tune with the outside air temperature. Stapling in a product like Low-E may be another option.
Todd Miller
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Thanks Brian.
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I am definitely opening up the gable vents and investigating the ridge vent to assure myself that there is enough ventilation. For the time being I have opened the two windows that are in the end gables of the second floor. I have calculated the roof vent area and I am certain that the three vents that are covered up once open will allow the correct amount of circulation. Thanks for the input, I am testing this theory and seeing how that works. Thanks!
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I have been a roofing contractor for 35 years, and found out most of the contractors in the trades dont do there HOMEWORK. Gabel vents-ridge vents - power vents and can vents are all seperate venting systems. Which means dont MIX. Alot of ridge systems DONT even work. All venting systems work off of soffit ventalations, no soffit vents very poor ventalation. I always fiqure 50 percent is soffit and 50 percent is roof vents. The more venting in soffit area means more roof venting. Jump on this web-site These guys have a video using other manufactures to prove a point, watch and learn.
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