5v galvanized installation questions

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I am building a 12x20 storage shed in my back yard. I have the framing done and most of the siding in place but have not yet purchased the roofing. I am thinking about getting 5v galvanized 12 foot sheets. My roof is 10 feet from the ridgeline on each side, so a 12 foot length would work fine for each side. The building width is 11 feet 11 inches. How many panels would I need for each side? Six or seven? Also, which side of these panels is "up", ---with the 5 valleys like this: VV-------V-------VV or like this: AA------A------AA I am assuming the overlap between panels is between the first and seconds Vs. Is that correct? I am laying the panels directly over 2x6x12 ceiling joists, with no plywood or felt because I would not be able to attach the panels without climbing onto the roof, which I do not want to do. I have never tried to use a power driver to put screws thru sheet metal. I understand that a #14 1" hex-head screw with a gasket should be used. Is this correct? Should a starter hole be punched, or will the driver get the screw thru the metal ok? Will this roof eventually rust? It is unpainted. Is there anything I can do to protect it after attaching it? What about applying silicone to the screw heads as extra protection?
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Dick, The points on the V's go up, it's the only way you can install the sheets flat. The two vees of one sheet lap the two vees on the next. Most 5v we use has a water chanel between two vees on one side of the sheet, that is the side that get's lapped. I have seen jobs where DIY people have installed it backwards(lapped the wrong way).
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As have I, Wade. Thanks.
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